Challenge: Figure out a solution that will improve Ghana’s sanitation, economy, and health through the demand for compost-grown produce.

Insight: The increase of compost-produce consumption will affect: 1) Farmers ability to sell crops made from compost for larger profit and will help save their land for future generations. 2) Markets would be able to sell crops to consumers for higher profits. 3) Consumers would be able to feed their family healthier, more sustainable meals, which they ask for.

Single Most Compelling Idea: Remind people at every level, that compost is the correct and natural way to go. 

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Microsite: Science & Memory: Ghana

Results: A campaign revolved around compost in Ghana and its many beneficiaries was presented to stakeholders at the University of Ghana. Also, we had the opportunity to present this campaign at the United Nations in NYC in order to gain funding.

Honorable mention in Fast Company’s 2019 World Changing Ideas in the students category.

TeamScience and Memory

Project Managers: Tim Vandehey & Duane Harris

Strategists: Hannah LewmanAmmas Tanveer, Ben Kitoko & Me

WritersMadeline Gomez Sam Coffaro

Art Directors: David ChoeEmily Ost & Anna Rath

Producers: Ryan Lund & Justin Hartney