Challenge: Bring the Barbadian festival Crop Over to an audience that would have no idea what it is, in order to entice a new, engaged audience to the islands.

Insight: Sweden has many factors that lead their citizens to be more travel-prone, such as providing the most paid vacation days (41), the normalcy of newly grads taking a gap year between high school and college to travel, and the overall wealth of the country.

Single Most Compelling Idea: Appeal to a Swedish audience that Crop Over is their next vacation trip by showing its vibrant inclusivity that will make people want to join in. 

Creative Brief




Mirror Installations


Xhosa Micro1 JPG.jpg
Xhosa Microsite2 JPG.jpg

Account: Ian McWilliams

Strategists: Alex Chaparro, Sage Steineke, and Me

Art Direction: Alice Liggett, Hailey Weston, Lindsay Wong