University of Oregon Women's Basketball

Challenge: Oregon Women's Basketball team is a top ten team in the nation, but their attendance is ranked 47th. We want to give them a crowd they deserve.

Insight: People do care about badass women found through the success of previous star athletes, the box office, and the current women’s movement in culture. 

Single Most Compelling Idea: Strong, accomplished, badass individuals combine to make an epic team.



The Reveal

Executions: Traditional and Social

Online and TV Spots

Results: We more than doubled the average home game attendance rate from last season and led the Pac-12 league with a 4,000-5,000 attendance rate.  Our social spots were also featured on an NCAA article. The campaign ended up rolling past previous engagement records for the Oregon Women's Basketball team. 

Agency: Allen Hall Advertising

Account Manager: Jake Wilmink

Project Manager: Madison Hamilton

Strategists: Hannah Lewman, Casey Hickman, Terrence Lewis, & Me

Media Planners: Jordan Bremer & Leah Kennon

Writer: James Vos

Designer: Henry Ammann

Art Directors: Raquel Ortega & Stacy Yurishcheva

Producer: Tyler Robinson, Sean Haney, & Scotty Williams